Navigating policial differences without hating someone

This morning Chris Christie announced his candidacy for president, the 18th such headline from the last couple months (4 democrats, 14 republicans). Some will feel that Christie’s chances are a difficult bridge to cross (see what I did there), but others will gladly get stuck in traffic with his bumper sticker on their car (And again. Sorry – couldn’t resist).  The reality is that you can put any of the 18 possible candidates into the Madlib slot, “Name of political leader” and the reaction will be the same: some will roll their eyes at the candidate and some will throw a party. Tension obviously arrives with how people relate to the differing points of view.

I have a love/hate relationship with election years. I love the huge amount of material that late night talk shows have to work with and I hate how people treat one another across the aisle. Lack of naivety lets me know it will never change, but there are still a couple things that I feel need said and considered as we go into the political minefield: [Read more…]


Goodbye Dave!

10334387_10152056648030947_5289506307666560755_nOn June 17th of last year Jeannette & I had the bucket-list fulfilling privilege of attending a live taping of the David Letterman show. The special guests were Olivia Wilde (very cool) and Shep Gordan (very interesting), the musical guest was the Empires (very eh).  It was surreal, experiencing live in the moment what I’d viewed so many times played back on the screen.

If I didn’t have papers to grade right now, I’d probably be YouTubing every time Robin Williams & Bill Murray were both on Letterman, which would only lead to a rabbit trail of other clips. But the present doesn’t always pause for nostalgia or appreciation. So I’m drinking coffee from my Late Show coffee cup, grading until later when I can take a break and join everyone who will say good-bye to this incredible, hilarious cultural icon.

DSC_4790It’s simple moments like this which teach us to not neglect appreciation for the people we assume will always be around. We hopefully realize when those who don’t matter to us personally say goodbye that those who do matter will someday as well.

Love this tribute from Kimmel:


Love Song covers

LoveSongs_FB_sqYesterday at church we started a new series in the Song of Solomon that we’re calling, Love Songs.

To start off the series our awesome worship team did mashups of famous love songs. They did phenomenal! Check out the videos below.

Kudos to Mike, Jordan, Olivia, Andy, Luke & Lindsey for doing such a great job!

To listen to the first message from the series, click HERE.

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Friday reminds.

Friday reminds of darkness.
Earlier in the week was parade, meals with friends,
times of worship, times of teaching.
Yet not Friday.
Friday is for mourning
Friday is for tears, for wailing.
Friday reminds, and the reminder is terrible.

Friday reminds of betrayal and denial,
kisses on the cheek and roosters crowing.
Of false indictment, joke of a trial,
Of a criminal released and purity condemned.
Friday recalls palm branches discarded,
of husband and wife, friend and neighbor
taking up the shout together…Crucify! Crucify! [Read more…]


Days 14 & 15 – The Garden Tomb, Walking the Walls and praying for Kevin

Turkish Airlines flight 5 landed at O’Hare last night around 8:30pm. After almost 20hrs of traveling, it was so good to be home and get to see Jeannette and the kids. I don’t feel like I’ve really had to process everything, but I wanted to get the last few days of the trip posted in the meantime.

Tuesday and Wednesday were days of class in the morning and more exploring of the Old City in the afternoon. There was definitely a feeling that the trip was winding down, but I wanted to milk it for all it was worth.  [Read more…]


Day 13: The Israel Museum

My flight out of Tel Aviv leaves tomorrow at 9:50am (1:50am Chicago time!). The trip has indeed come to an end, however I have about 3-4 more days I still need to post pics of. This past Monday after we returned from Eilat we had classes in the morning and then a “field” trip to visit the Israel Museum in the afternoon. Over 300 pictures – thank God for digital images because that’s how many pics I took at the museum. Just posting some of my favorite ones here:
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